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Our mission is to help you find and eliminate bed bugs.

You will be able to rest easy and assure your visitors that your place is,

“Cleared by Conrad!”

Meet Prince Conrad

Prince Conrad, the namesake and star of this business, is a highly-trained, bed bug detecting professional. He’s also a gentle, friendly, and cute 22 lb. beagle!  Conrad completed his extensive bed bug detection training at the renowned Iron-Heart Canine Training Facility in Kansas City.  Conrad was rescued from Animal Haven Shelter in Shawnee, Kansas.  It was Conrad’s nose that got him here today.  Animal Haven noticed Prince Conrad’s talent and potential and called Melinda and Matt at Iron Heart Canine Training Facility.  Conrad’s high level of drive and energy also set him apart from other beagles at the “pound.”

Through our super-accurate canine inspections, Cleared By Conrad is the essential tool to keep your property bed bug free.  We provide an accurate, friendly, and reasonably-priced service of regularly scheduled bed bug inspections to get control early over any bed bug infestation.  Regular inspection saves you money by finding any bed bugs early, when eradication is easier and before a major infestation can make it nearly impossible to eliminate the bugs.  Our sign on display will give you, your clients, and your friends peace of mind. 


Cleared By Conrad LLC is a canine bed bug detection and inspection company that serves the Chicago metro and the Midwest.


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