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1)      Youíre concerned that you might have bed bugs in your home.  Aack! Your neighbor had them, and now you canít sleep for worrying about it.  You have mysterious bites on your body.  Youíve seen little insects.  Your peace of mind is gone.  

2)      You own or manage rental property: give your tenants peace of mind with a regular inspection program.

3)      Youíre buying a house.  A bed bug infestation can be as problematic and expensive as termites or mold.  Make sure you know what youíre buying. 

4)     Youíre going to put your furniture and clothes into a moving van or storage facility.  Donít acquire a bed bug infestation when you get them back; insist on a bed bug inspection first.

5)      Youíre moving into rental property. Can your landlord assure you itís bed-bug free?  If not, give us a call before you risk your furniture and precious belongings.

6)     Youíre going away to college.  Donít you want us to check out that dorm room for you?  

7)     You own or manage:

A hotel

A restaurant

A theater

A gym or spa

A resale shop

A clothing store

A furniture store

Any other business visited by the publicÖ

 You can only be sure that bed bugs arenít hitching rides onto your property and setting up camp by scheduling regular canine bed bug inspections.  Donít risk your reputation or lose revenue to those nasty little bugs when Cleared by Conrad can help you avoid a bed bug disaster.

Cleared By Conrad LLC likes to support the community.  Send an email to inquire about Prince Conradís availability at your school event or charity event. Prince Conrad loves to show off his skill.  He is available to do demonstrations.