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Cleared by Conrad wants to be your partner in bed bug detection and remediation.  We will work around your schedule and our client data is handled with great confidentiality. 


We can do a single inspection, when appropriate, moving, property sales, peace of mind,  etc.  or provide regular documented inspection plans.  Our inspections can be anything, any size and anywhere.  Cleared By Conrad LLC can inspect something as small as a single piece of luggage, a couch, a moving truck, or as large as a high rise apartment complex, a college dormitories, and university campuses.   


Apartment buildings                          Dormitories                Single and Multiple Family Homes

Department Stores                            Skating Rinks              Dentist and Doctor’s Office

Retirement Homes                            Hospitals                    Yoga studios

Cars and Vans                                    Office Buildings          Newly purchased furniture



For most individuals and businesses, a regular schedule of inspections makes sense.  We will visit you as often as fits your needs, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to verify that your property is bed bug free.  You’ll receive a certificate and a decal to prove it, and some helpful information and site-specific tips on how to keep bed bugs out of your life.  


If we should find bed bugs, we’ll help you take steps to get rid of them.  We have sensible, hype-free, science-based information on bed bug remediation steps you can take and referrals to exterminators, cleaning services, and other professionals who can help you halt an infestation as quickly as possible.  Then Cleared by Conrad will come back to make sure the bugs are gone.



  Call or email for a free, no obligation demonstration or quote.  Discounts are available for pre-payment of annual contracts, larger properties, non-profit organizations, and colleagues in the extermination business.   Call us to discuss the size of the area you would like inspected and your scheduling needs.